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This page has been set up in order to facilitate requests for assistance in looking for members of families of the animal persuasion. Please take a few minutes to review the listed information and photos and see if you can help find these loved ones. The listings now are dated and may assist you in your search.

If you have a photo and or text that you would like to post. Please send it in in a useful graphic format (i.e. jpeg, gif are the most common forms) and plain text email.

We also ask that you please keep us informed as to the status of your submission.
  • If lost cat is found please let us know so we can remove from the listing.

  • If a found cat is returned to their owner, please let us know as well.
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The Cat Network is not responsible for, or the distribution of any reward offered by an owner of a lost family member of the animal persuasion listed on this web site.  Please email info to info@thecatnetwork.org


6/12  Sox  Please be on the lookout for Socks, a black and white male Tuxedo cat, with four white paws who is missing in Coral Gables near Salvadore Park just south of Coral Way between Granada and South Greenway. If found, please call 305-753-5821.

6/12  Emma  Our 13 year old female tortoiseshell is missing. She has NEVER gone outside. She is declawed and she is shy. We live in Pinecrest near 108th ST & 77 Avenue. We've been looking all night and all early morning. We are heartbroken. Please contact Lewis H. at ph # 305-302-2472

5/12  Oscar  LOST CAT - neutered male dark tabby with black, brown and grey, about 2 yrs old. Missing since 5/16/12 from his north Coconut Grove home. Very sweet cat with tip of left ear clipped, we miss him terribly! Please call 786 999 5565 or 786 376 5026 if you've seen him, please take a look at his picture.

5/12  Laura Ellen  Lost cat in the neighborhood of SW 82nd Ave and SW 149 Drive in Palmetto Bay. She is a grey and white tabby. Please contact Martha G via email if you have seen her.

3/12  Jewel  LOST CAT: Costa Del Sol (Estepona Area), Doral. Jewel has been missing for over two weeks now and is missed very much. If you see her call (786) 375-6106.

3/12  Mace  LOST CAT: Costa Del Sol (Estepona Area), Doral. Mace has been missing for over two weeks now and is missed very much. If you see him call (786) 375-6106.

2/12  Foxy  Foxy small medium length hair, 1 1/2 years old orange calico, missing from the area of 8600 ponce De Leon road, in South Miami. She is not friendly with strangers hardly tolerates me. Her name is "Foxy" but I just call her mama she answers to that. She probably won't let anyone near her, but if you spot her I will come and get her right away. Please contact Natalie via email.

1/12 Lost Male  Lost black and white cat in Coral Gables, Almeria Avenue, on 1/8/11 near the Venetian Pool. He is a small, neutered male. He is mostly black with a white chest, paws, stomach and mustache. He is very sweet. Please call: 858 699 5344. REWARD!

12/11 Bebe  Black cat with big green eyes and white markings on chest and tummy. Left ear is tipped, no collar, sweet, shy and timid. He was lost in South Coconut Grove behind Merrie Christmas Park on Dec. 7th. There is a $250 reward for information leading to Bebe's safe return. See flier.

12/11 Princess  Lost in the Aventura area. Please call ph# 786-246-2988, has a microchip #OA11482D56

12/11 Snow  Missing Bengal Cat SNOW is a short haired, white with brown/ grey markings both stripes and circles, Blue eyes cat.  Weighs 11–13lbs. Last seen in Flamingo Gardens, Palmetto Bay on Thursday afternoon (12/08/2011). Family and other cats miss him dearly.  He is currently on antibiotics for a UTI infection! If seen or found please call (786) 376–5819

12/11 Lost Male Cat  On November 26, 2011 my kids opened the door and my cat ran out he did this once before but was on my doorstep the next morning. He went missing in the area of SW 110 Street Circle East Miami Fla. 33186. Please contact Stacy E. with any info at phone number is 305 965-1492. Thank you very much.

10/11 Mitzi  Female Siamese Cat, has gone missing 10/22 2011, in the area of Snapper Creek lakes, in South Gables/Pinecrest. Please contact Sanna at 305-318-3699 if you have any info about Mitzi.

8/11 Ladie & Leche  2 lost in the Cutler Ridge area - Ladie and Leche, Ladie is the gray and white one and Leche is the brown and crème Siamese mix. Ladie has dental problems and they both sometimes have problems with their stomachs. Also, Ladie is incredibly shy and usually has trouble meowing, that’s why I had the bell on her… but occasionally, she will let out a giant “meow”. Leche is friendly, lovey (they both are) and extremely “rotund”. Oh, one more thing, Ladie has light green eyes and Leche’s are blue. Please contact Dara G-L via email if you ave any info.

8/11 Buffy  My 13 year old female Orange and white tabby named Buffy was in the backyard of her home in the Briar Bay/The Falls area and has not seen her since August 9. Buffy is 13 years old, a white and orange tabby, she has a nick out of her ear. She has yellow eyes. She has her front claws, and is spayed. She is a medium, to large cat. She had had dental work so is missing some teeth. Please call cell phone number 786-521-1774 or email with any info. Reward is being offered.

8/11 Kitty  Kitty is a female 2 years old spayed and declawed with Black & White coloring. Last seen in the Surfside area. Kitty was relocated from Bay Harbor Islands to Surfside. Please contact Courtney via email if you no of anyone that may have seen Kitty.

6/11 Frida  Lost Small Black Cat: 'Frida'. Lost on Memorial Day Weekend in Morningside neighborhood, Upper East Side. Female, declawed and neutered. If seen, please call Patti at 305.898.9085. Thank you.

6/11 Lost Black Cat  Lost Kitty - Black male, declawed and neutered. See attached picture. Lost on Sunday May 29th in Miami, The Roads Area around the 400 block of 19th Road. If you see this kitty please contact the following e-mail.

5/11 Tigger  Tigger was lost on May 22nd in the area of SW 122nd Ave. Miami. He was scheduled to go to the vet for apparent weight loss. He is around 2 1/2- 3 years old and weights about 7-8 lbs. His appearance is different, as well as coat. Has marks from bird pecs. He is so easy going, just sits there and birds get a hold of him. He seems very depressed. This cat belongs to my daughter who is disabled and this cat is her world. Please if anyone sees him, I would forever be indebted. Please contact Maritza P. via email.

5/11 Harley  BLACK & WHITE CAT Missing since Friday, 5/6/11. She is full-grown but on the smaller side. She has been spayed, tested and has all of her shots. HER EAR IS TIPPED AND SHE IS MISSING A PATCH OF HAIR ON THE BACK OF HER NECK. She does NOT have a problem with her eye as it appears in this bad photo. She lives in the Coconut Grove area and was an outside cat in the neighborhood of the 3100 Block of Mary Street. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CALL Terri M., IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION.
ph# 949-395-9995.

5/11 Randy & Tyson  I've been missing two of my cats since April, 25th,2011. They've been missing from Lucaya Street in Coconut Grove,Miami. I can only suspect that somebody may have trapped them and hopefully surrendered them to an organization like the cat network. Randy was born in our house and is a black oriental mix,very shy with people, but dog friendly. He likes to "talk" a lot and we miss him so much! So does his sister "Candy". "Tyson" is an all black cat with one damaged ear, very small and also very shy with people (no pic available). He actually was a stray cat and it took us months to gain his trust, so we could touch him. He was fully accepted by my other cats and became a member of the family. We miss them both a lot and would appreciate any information! Please contact Andrea via email.

4/11 Max  Lost male Grey and White cat near 7890 SW 127th Drive. Max, a seven year-old American Short hair with White and Grey/Silver fur. He has green eyes and is missing one toe on his hind foot. Please contact Rick at email or (305) 987-3135 if you have seen Max, or have any information that might bring him home.

3/11 Shadow  Shadow He is a black long haired fluffy cat. He has white paws and white chest fur. He has a white slant frown going down on his mouth if you look at him straight forward. Under him his white frown connects with his white chest fur. He has yellow green eyes. And once he is clam he is very sweet. He has a high pitched meow. He went missing in the Palm Beach county area near Delray. Please call Samantha with any info at 561-789-9872.

3/11 Yoshimi  Yoshimi, Black – Domestic Longhair, microchipped. Last Seen 02/10/2011. Very skittish, mostly outdoors but hasn’t come home in a while. I’m very worried something happened to him, so please call if you’ve seen him. PLEASE CALL WITH ANY INFO #310.902.2210

3/11 Oliver  Oliver is a sweet male orange and white cat who went missing on Friday from SW 141 Ave and 48 Lane in West Kendall. No collar or microchip. Oliver is very much missed, please contact Julia B. via email or call 305-761-1679.

3/11 Cow  Lost female white cat with black spots and an all black tail. She is extremely vocal and friendly. Last seen in the Kendall area about two weeks ago. Please email if found, ** Reward Offered**.

3/11 Mamita  Lost female Calico. Mamita was lost in the neighborhood of 10385 SW 3rd Street, Sweetwater, FL 33174  (Monday March 8th) in the morning. She is declawed and is about 10 years old. Please give Gina L. a call at 305/582-3629 with information.

3/11 Jax  He is 2 years old and very friendly. LAST SEEN: 2/25/11 in the Kendall area of 117th Ave and 118th Terr. If found please please, please call: 305-305-7795. We really want him back home!!!!

2/11 Kittie  Kittie short hair Orange Tabby, Extremely Affectionate & Friendly male cat wearing an aqua collar with pet ID. Last seen on 2/22/2011 near the Location 1254 SW 149 path. Please call Gloria with any information  @ 305-301-8765.

2/11 Jessie  Lost male approximately 9-10 years old brown/grey persian with yellow green eyes, wearing a white flea collar. Jessie is Very sweet and friendly. Jessie went missing in the area of Venezia Lakes/Three Lakes off of SW 137 Ave and SW 132 Street.We have been searching for him for awhile and kids miss him dearly. Can't afford much but offering a small reward if found. Please contact Stephanie R. at (305)326-8880 and leave a message or via email.

2/11 Lost Black & White Cat  Lucky a black and white short haired cat named Lucky (color scheme in the same lines as a cow) while I was on vacation from Feb 9-13th in the Sunny Isles area. If found please contact Marcus R. via email or call me at 786-352-9444.

1/11 Lost Black Cat, I am missing a Large black cat who only has one good eye and a broken bone in in back leg. He is neutered and is approx. 5years old. He was illegally trapped by my neighbor and I dont know where or what he did with him, we miss him and he is fragil. I have been searching for several weeks but it is very hard even though he has some unique markings. If someone encounters a large black please contact Anthony C. via email.

1/11 Gordo   Lost Cat, Gordo is a male cat that was lost on Monday December 27, 2010 in the area of Coral Gables, Florida. Gordo is over 4 years old is light Gray and White and was wearing a blue collar with white paw prints on it. He has a BLACK BEAUTY MARK on his nose. Please contact Mayra via email.

12/10 Mickey   Lost Cat, "Mickey", neutered male, lost on 11/11/10 in the Homestead area between Campbell and 168th Ave. Mickey has short black fur with a white underbelly and white "boots" on all four paws, yellow-green eyes. He's greatly missed. Please contact Rafael at 305-281-7173 if found.

12/10 Lost Cat   Short haired very petite Russian Blue, named Chatelet. Chatelet was lost in the area near UM. Chatelet's family is very devastated. Please contact via email with any info on Chatelet.

11/10 Lost Female Cat   Female calico cat about 1 1/2 yrs. old, has been missing since Nov. 15th. She went missing in the area west of the Palmetto between Miller and Sunset. Her human and feline family miss her very much and any info on her whereabouts would be appreciated. Please contact Marivi S. via email with any info.

11/10 Lost Male Cat  Smokey, short gray fur, bright green eyes, declawed in front. Lost around 112th street and 112th ave. Please contact owner via e-mail if found.

11/10 Lost Male Cat  Flame Points Siamese near Biscayne Blvd. and NE 115th St., Miami, FL. Got out of the house on 11/5/10, and we haven't seen him since. He is fully clawed, neutered, and a little on the timid side until he gets to know someone. He also has a very loud motor, and is very vocal. He was born around March/April 2009, and has been a house cat his entire life. He is litter box trained, and has a rather unusual litter box ritual. After he goes, he won't cover his droppings very well, but he wipes down the entire inside of his litter box with his paws, before leaving. It's almost an OCD type behavior, and it usually takes him 5-10 minutes to do his thing. Reward Offered for safe return. Contact Darin I. via email.

11/10 Lost Male Cat  Male black cat very sweet and was wearing a spiked collar. Last seen in the area of 231Street and 112th Avenue, Silver Palms Caribe. Please contact Marcela V. with any information, ph# 305.967.9946.

11/10 Maxine  Lost Cat North Miami-Sans Souci Area. Maxine, Female Gray and White Cat, 4 yrs old on November 6 from Sans
Souci Estates in North Miami. Please contact Linda at 305-401-6239 or via email if you see her.
Reward being Offered!

11/10 Boogie  Boogie is a medium-small, black shorthair w/TWO White SPOTS: (1) on his neck & (1) on his chest, has special needs. Also has a clipped ear, and scratched right eye. Missing Since 9/23, Last seen: Pool area; Mail Box area The Groves at Sunset 33173. He is a little timid but is VERY sweet. If you spot him PLEASE call us ~ we miss him very much! A Reward being Offered for his safe return.
Call day or night: (305)968-7126 or email.

11/10 Lost Male Cat  Lost adult neutered male Manx (Bobtail) Orange Tabby cat lost in west Davie, has no tail. Please contact owner with any info, number is 954-474-9966 or wk is 954 356 5914.

9/10 Linus  Lost Male Cat. Linus an adult neutered male Manx (Bobtail) Orange Tabby cat lost in west Davie approx. 1 week ago (Aug. 27th). You can't really see he has no tail but that would be a distinguishing mark. Please contact Lynn via email.

8/10 Zoro  Lost Male Cat. Tan Siamese cat with a dark face and white belly and feet. Lost from the Lake Park area of Davie on July 30. Reward offered. Please contact John R. at email.

7/10 Gruñi  Lost Male Cat. 1 ½ yr old, with white hair on his stomach & chest and yellowish & gray stripes on the rest of the body. On July 22 Gruñi went outside to the backyard and he disappeared in the area of South West 22 St & 137 Ct. He is not very friendly, but if you approach him with a can of food he will come to you. I recommend not trying to get him but calling me and I will come or send somebody right away. He has a microchip. If found or spotted please contact Ingrid at 786 316 8525. **Monetary Reward Offered**

7/10 Chenille  PLEASE HELP! We lost Chenille on 7/16/10 and have not seen her since. She is about 1 year old spayed mixed lynx point siamese with blue eyes, ringed tail, speckled belly and striped legs. She went out an open door in the Roads/Brickell/Calle Ocho area and has not been seen since. Please call me if you see her at 305-409-6278 and if it is from 7/29 to 8/8 call 305-310-7392 so that I can come and get her.

6/10 2 Missing Cats  On June 10 two of my cats went missing. One is a female Hemingway ash/white in color with lite eyes she is medium in size, her name is Storm. She is about 3 years old. And the male is Grey with white paws and a tuxedo also lite color eyes his name is Tropical, and he is about 4 years old. I miss them big time, and will pay a reward to get them back. They went missing in the area of Calusa Point in the Kendall area. 9099 SW 133 Ct Unit C Miami fl 33186. You can call me Olander G. @ 786-367-4873 or 305-796-2476 and also e-mail.

6/10 Mongo  He is white with mostly a brown coat and black spots; he also has a big birthmark near his left whiskers. He is 1 year and 2 months old. He was last seen on 6/23/10. Last seen near 165th and 100 terrace in West Kendall. If found or spotted please call 305-910-3984. ***REWARD OFFERRED***

4/10 Slim  Please be on the lookout in Miami Beach for an 8 y.o. male Siamese cat, named “Slim”. He went Missing on Sunday, Apr. 18th (a dark and stormy day) from the area of 34th & Chase (Miami Beach). Slim has a microchip but no collar and visits So. Beach Animal Hospital. Please contact Anthony via email.

4/10 Guido  Lost male Maine Coon Tortoise Shell Tabby, Green eyes and a black M on his far head, last seen in the area of 3300 block of NE 13th Terrace, Broward County. Guido was home on Friday April 15. I had someone pressure washing my roof that day and he might have gotten scared. He has a ruptured bladder and leaks urine unknowingly. He also might have gotten into the U haul pickup truck I rented from E. Sample Road U haul. PLEASE contact June H. ph # 954-775-4387 or email if you see him or are able to capture him.

3/10 Tango  Approx. one year old black male, was lost in the area of 27 SW 27 Ave. He has an infection on his back before the tale. $200 Reward Offered. Please call Nadia S. at 786-470-7347.

3/10 2 missing cats  They went missing February 25th in the area of SW 105 Terrace and SW. 72 Court.
Nitnoy - She is part Siamese, small beige with light cocoa ears and tail. She also has light cocoa patches around blue eyes. She is very timid.
Gemmy - She is a white semi-long hair with blue eyes and a tail that is bent in the middle. 
Please if you find them, contact Scott at 305-445-9597 or 305-666-7725.
We believe a third cat went missing on the 12/13 of May. He is an older tabby, brown, white and black. He has a fuller white face and a stubby tail. He is completely deaf and never leaves our yard. We live in the area of 105th Terrace and 72nd Court, in Pinecrest. We do not know if people are catching them or what... Please if someone calls you regarding a cat they caught or sighted in this immediate area, would you please give us a call to see if it is one of ours? The phone number is 305-666-7725.

2/10 Max  Max – disappeared in the neighborhood of SW 102 Place and 157th Street area around 2/12. Very shy 4 years old, neutered male. Black mask with a white face and little black “soul patch” on his chin, white body with a heart-shaped black patch on his back that covers rear and tail. Very lean. Comes when his name is called or for the word “treatsies”. Please contact Kathy at 305-815-5347 with information.

2/10 Blacko  Blacko is a 9 months old male, is black with some white hair on his stomach and is small in size. He weights about 4-5 pounds. He is very friendly and cries when he wants to be carried. He was last seen on February 18, 2010 at 7pm in the area of West Kendall (165th avenue and 100 terrace specifically). Reward Offered. If found or spotted please contact Monica M. at 305-910-3984 or via email.

2/10 Cleo  Cleo, (f) adult, all gray with a small white patch on her chest & yellow eyes. She is an indoor cat, is very friendly and needs medication. She was lost in the area of SW 134 Terr. in Kendall. If found or is spotted please call 305-510-3435 or email. Reward Offered - info flier.

1/10 BoBo  Lost approximately 8 years old female, black domestic short hair, approx. 10 lbs, small head with golden eyes, small patch of white on stomach, thinning hair on legs. Her coat is  very soft, fine and shiny. Bobo has a bee-bee lodged in her shoulder just under the skin, the vet said it is not debilitating, though it has made her skittish. She is spayed. Lost on Jan. 2, 2010 in the Kendall area. Please contact Julia M. if you have any information at 305-387-2402 or via email.

1/10 Baby  Lost 1 1/2 yr old male, black with white paws and white neck and belly. Lost during the cold spell in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Broward County, as of January 22nd. Please contact Alaxander N. via email with any information.

1/10 Sylvester  Sylvester, a female cat with a white patch on her chest, was lost on January 6, 2010, in the area of 16600 SW 78th Ave., Palmetto Bay, Florida. Please contact Elena R. 305-259-9858 with any info.

1/10 Minnie  Minnie escaped from her home on either Friday January 1st at night or the 2nd in the morning. She is a house cat and is declawed and spayed and is missed her very much. She got lost from her home in the area of 22nd St and SW 139 Ave Miami, FL. Please call Odalys if you find her at 305-229-6944 or 786-431-7665.

12/09 Gracie  Gracie is an inside cat and she slipped out our door Saturday Dec. 16th, 2009. We saw her in the neighbor's yard the next day and haven't seen her since. She was lost in the NW section of Hialeah, around 57th avenue and 117th street which is also W 4th Ave. and 63rd street. She is a petite seven year old girl, not fixed. Please contact Lucy C. via cell: 305-968-0775 or at email.

12/09 Pooky  Lost Siamese Cat, Pooky has been missing since 12/23. He is an older male, declawed and has a broken tail (birth defect), very vocal. Last seen on 12/23 in front of my house in Davie, in the area of Palm Ave and Griffin. Pleae contact Tina K. via email with any information.

11/09 Candy  a white adult male cat with black spots, black and yellow eyes and black nose, has been missing since Nov. 19 from the Cutler Bay area of South Miami. He was last seen near our house on SW 100 Ave. He has been neutered and is in good health. He is missed by his sister and human family terribly. If you have any information, please call Ann at 305-255-8434.

11/09 Xochitl, "So-chee"  Female, Calico (orange, white and black), older, shy, slight limp,
green eyes, red collar and home again microchip, chip #: 451D5B0743. She was lost in Coconut Grove near Gifford Lane. She will not come and is probably hiding somewhere. There is a REWARD! I want her home so badly. Please contact Chrissy Arce via email, or Carlos Fernandez via email or
ph  #1-510-282-9855.

11/09 Zadie  LOST KITTY, $200 REWARD! Zadie, a female gray & white indoor cat white paws and belly, pink nose, still has claws very skittish, no collar, deeply missed by her family. She was lost in the Crossings area off of 132nd Court and 112th Street. Please call Stacie at 305-310-2260 with any info.

10/09 Spotty, Spotty is a female cat and disappeared on October 2, 2009 or possibly a couple days before that in Homestead, FL on SW 287th ST near Biscayne Drive close to a high school. Spotty is about 1 year old, an outdoor cat and is very friendly with anyone except other cats and dogs. She's white with large brown spots, one heart-shaped spot on her back and one round spot on the other side on her shoulder. Spotty has no microchip or tag and has scabies on her head that still needs to be treated.
Please call Bridgette 786-368-7463 or 305-322-1965. Or you can contact me by email.

9/09 Two Siamese cats, one female (4 years old), answers to Mammy, other is male (9 years old), answers to Simon. Lost in the vicinity of NE 72 and Biscayne Blvd near 4th Ct. Please Call Michael 786-308-6344.

8/09 Teddy  Lost female cat, last seen in the area of SW 78th Court, SW 100th St and SW 99th St. Teddy is a beautiful cat with a very interesting tail that can be seen for miles. Its big and poofy and looks like a raccoon tail. She has a pink nose and yellow-green eyes. Her tummy and legs have white fur, her back and the top of her head has a mix of gray, brown, and bronze stripes and patterns (like a tabby!). She has a loving family of both her kittens and humans! We miss her dearly. Please let me via email know if you have any idea of her whereabouts.

8/09 Luna  Lost medium size female spade about three years old gray stripes very soft long hair with a long fluffy tail. Responds to name, sweet but probably frightened, has always been an indoor cat. Today bolted out the front door at about noon when a delivery was at my house and has disappeared. Lost today August 13 in the area of 8570 S.W. 27 Terrace. REWARD for her recovery - I'm offering $175 for her return. Please call Cristina at 305-322-1146 with any information.

8/09 Oscar  LOST 3 yr old male gray tabby cat (stripes/marble patter with sport on his belly). Oscar is neutered and might still be wearing a blue collar with black paw prints. Missing from the West Kendall area since 8/6/09. Contact Nicole at 786-201-2360 or 305-485-5985.

7/09 Pasta  LOST large male 4-5 years old, light blue eyes, declawed front paws, very friendly. Pasta had a collar, but may have lost it. He was lost in January 09 in the area of the 5400 block of Riviera Drive in Coral Gables. Please contact Ilaria P. at #786-247-5311.

5/09 Lana  LOST @ Kendall and 97th Avenue Female beautiful CALICO @ 7 years old, medium build, responds to name LANA – good natured with other animals and children, polite and obedient. *SUSPICIOUS DISAPPEARANCE – we think a neighbor (who has done it to others) relocated her further west or in the Ft. Bleau area. Please ANY information that will help me is greatly appreciated.
REWARD OFFERED FOR RECOVERY. Contact Raquel P. #305-951-4866 or via email.

5/09 Jerry  Jerry was lost in early May '09 in the area of South Beach. Jerry is a very large black w/gray stripes, white paws, white chest and is DIABETIC. He does not have and ID. Please contact Selina with any info at ph# 954-709-7326.

5/09 Pumpkin  Pumpkin is an all white spayed female 11 month old, medium size cat white with green eyes. Lost in Dadeland Cove 4/30/09. Pumpkin has no tag or microchip and is an indoor cat who snuck out. She is skittish and only responds to me usually. Please call Sheri K. 305-742-8278 with any information.

4/09 Misty  Misty is a gray and ginger, shorthair female housecat. She is shy with strangers, and small for her age. Misty went missing from a community near the corner of Hiatus Rd. and Pembroke Rd. in Miramar, Fl. She answers to "Misty." Please contact Kristen R. 954-793-0971 or by email at if have seen her.

4/09 Shimi  Shimi is a male, approximately 2 years old, black and white with white on his belly and paws. He has been neutered and most likely no longer has his collar. He went missing from the vicinity of SW 8th and Lorca St./Graceland cemetery, during the first week of April. Please contact Barbara M. or Thomas M. at cell ph# 786-423-0521.

4/09 Kiki  Kiki is a tri colored cat with white chest and white paws. Last seen by Fernwood rd. in the Key Biscayne, Fl area on Tuesday 3/24/09. If found please call the number below. Reward offered. Contact person: Kathleen S. K. 305-799-7820.  Reward offered.

3/09 Monty  Neutered male gray & white tiger with 4 white legs. Has a scar between front shoulder blades and has a "Home Again" micro-chip. Very friendly! He was lost on 02/24/09 in the area of 163 Avenue & 248 Street SW. I just need to know where he is. If he is found in a home where he is happy, they may keep him. I just NEED to know he is ok!  $$$ offered.  Please contact Lori A. at ph # 305-343-3868 or email.

3/09 Fluffy  Fluffy has been missing since Thanksgiving. Please contact Ana E. at (305) 778-3283 pr via email.

3/09 Napoleon  Napoleon is a completely white, except two brown/beige spots on his head and a very long black tail. He was last seen in his apartment at 3 Grove Isle Dr., Coconut Grove. Please contact Oliver G. at 1.818.422.4372. A $1000 Reward is offered or for any final information about what happened to him will also be rewarded $200.

2/09 Lost Cat  Last seen in northwest Palmetto Bay (144 St. and 84 Ave) on 2/20/09. Please call Nora @ 786-443-4282.

2/09 Tinker  Orange tabby, young (1 yr 4 months), slim, un-neutered, has claws, very friendly, freckle/mole? in left? ear, loves attention, likes to sleep on you. Lost January 31, 2008 Gables, S/E of US 1 b/n LeJeune and Riviera on Menendez Av. Please take a look at this flyer for more info. Please contact Charlie via email with any info. $$$ REWARD $$$

1/09 Gatsby  Gatsby is a male blue eyes, cream and brown. He was lost in the Pine Tree drive area. If you see him please contact Henrik (305) 439-1524, or (305) 342-4058. Reward offered. Please take a look at this flyer for more info.

1/09 Spice  Spice is a male Gray tabby with white chest and legs and has oval pattern on sides. He is a very friendly but probably scared. He was lost in the area of 10441 SW 66 Terr. and may come to back yards looking for food or help. He has an identification microchip, number 4A1C172B02. If you see him please hold him and please contact Marissa (786) 302-2448. $50 Reward offered. Please take a look at this flyer for more info.

12/08 Loude  Loude is a female 9 months old calico. She has been missing since 26th of December, in the area of Palm Ave. West 64th Street. She is very quiet and playful and her family misses her. please contact Maria E. M.  via email or by phone 305-776-8376.

12/08 Skitty  Skitty is a female cat and was lost about two weeks ago in the area of 2286 N.E. 42 Avenue in Homestead, Florida near the WaterStone complex. She is all white with striped brownish gray on her head and her tail is all brownish striped with a little gray spot on her chest. She is dearly missed. Please contact Jodi H. at 786-444-8807 or 786-259-3395  with any information.

12/08 Spice  6 month old male cat lost, gray tabby with white under belly and white legs, last seen at 102 ave. and SW 66th street. He has been neutered, and he has an identification microchip, but no collar. The microchip number is 4A1C172B02. He is very shy, but he may approach back yard areas looking for food or help. Please call 305-380-7625 or 786-553-1770 if you have any info.

11/08 Hodgee  A beautiful male tuxedo with a small white speck on his face and of course his 4 white paws. On November 13, 2008, Hodgee, disappeared from our neighborhood in Coral Gables near Ponce De Leon Blvd and San Sebastian. We believe that one of the neighbors who do not like cats, may have relocated him to another neighborhood or a shelter. If you see this cat, please contact me by email or call Lily at 786-314-6460.

11/08 Robert E. Lee  Robert E. Lee is a solid gray tabby, very small and thin and has NO TAIL. He went missing in Coral Gables in the area of US1, Le Jeune and Hardee. He is very shy. Please let me know if you see him. Reward offered. Please email Margie B.

8/08 Little Mon  He is a 6 year old Russian Blue (big charcoal gray ) with golden eyes. He weighs 20 lbs. and talks. He went missing in the area of McDonald and Florida. He's probably hiding in someone's bushes. At night he might cry like a peacock, so if you hear that in the vicinity
of Florida Ave. to Bird, and Virginia to a couple of blocks west of 32nd Ave that may be him. Please contact Terry J. via email with any info.

8/08 Lucy  Female orange cat 9 yrs old with medium long hair and green eyes. She has an extra "thumb" on each front paw. Lucy was lost on 8/15/2008 and last seen in the area of SW 90 Ct Miami, Fl 33173. She is a gentle loving cat and very attached to me. She will be very fearful out of her surroundings. Please contact Claire E. B. with any info, ph 305-596-4473 or via email.   $$$ REWARD $$$

8/08 Kitty-kitty  Kitty-kitty is a small calico kitten was lost August 5 near 129 Place and 107 Street, the day after she went to the vet. She had a difficult life before she came to us; she was starving, and had hookworms, ear mites, and mange. We need to take her back to the vet as soon as possible. Her face is half black, half orange, with white around her nose, and her legs are are white. She is very shy and fearful. If you find her, please email me.

8/08 Lana  Lost 8 years old female Calico. Lost in the area of 97 Ave & 88 Street, Kendall. Lana may be a victim of "foul play", a nasty neighbor that picks up cats at take them far far away so they can't come back. please contact Raquel P. via email or ph #305-951-4866 with any info.

7/08 Gizzy  My female Persian goes by the name of Gizzy. She has copper-colored eyes and is an indoor cat (declawed). She has been missing since July 15. If you have any information, please email me or phone (954) 255- 0937 or (954) 914-8430 or via email. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

5/08 Snowi  Snowi went missing on 04/16 near N. 14th Ave & Garfield. He got outside because of my sister from Germany visiting and not knowing, that he is an indoor kitty. He got out and simply vanished into thin air. Snowi is nowhere. He is a white neutered male, now 7 months, blue eyes, tigertail, white tip at the end of the tail (almost unnoticeable white tip). Very affectionate Siamese mix. Reward offered. Please email Sondra if you have any info.

4/08 NEGRITA  Last week there were some trappers in my area, picking up some stray cats in my block (27th Lane North Grove area, behind Crook and Crook 27th Lane bet 24th and 26th Avenues S.W.)and by Thursday of last week, my cat was nowhere to be found. Negrita, is a tortoise shell cat, about 5 years of age, slight built with longish hair. She was wearing a red collar with a purple heart tag with her name and my phone number. Please call Isis S. (305) 858-0987 or via email, reward is offered.

4/08 Lost Cat  Lost in the area of Corner of N. E. 60 St. & Bayshore Dr. in Morningside. Last seen on March 28, 2008. Description:  Young (older kitten) about 4-6 months old. Black & white with black vertical spot running along his nose. Skinny and silky coat. $100 REWARD IF FOUND & RETURNED. Please contact Ali at 305-965-7724 or Laura at 305-588-0924.

3/08 Tao  Tao is kind of Siamese looking , but a bit of a mix. Bright blue eyes and very chubby male neutered cat. Responds well to the name of 'TAO'. He was last seen on the morning of March 17th in the Coral Way/Roads area. If you have seen Tao, please contact Stephanie P. via ph # 305-588-4140 or email.

3/08 Misty Blue  Lost gray, Hemingway (5 toes), male cat in the area of Castile Avenue and Columbus Boulevard (North Gables) on March 4th, 2008. He is neutered and chipped. He is very affectionate and loves to talk. He may be skittish now as he stays mostly indoors. He has a little knot on the top of his head. I believe someone took him. We want him back desperately. Please help. Reward offered. Call Molly at (305) 441-1261 or (305) 613-5688.

2/08 Fox  Fox, a 14-year old lynx-point Siamese mix, still looks very young. Mostly white with a smudgy gray face, gray stripes on her tail, blue eyes and a pink nose. Lost in the vicinity of 10521 S.W. 139 Street, Miami FL 33176 approximately Jan 29-30. If you have any info on Fox please contact Betty or Foster at 305-251-5707 or alt phone 786-210-7158 ask for Steve.

1/08 Shoelace  Shoelace, my beloved kittie escaped from the vet's office, located at SW 41 St and 72nd Ave, on Dec 19, 2007. He is a solid color, orange, yellow tabby, two year old fixed male, about 12 pounds. His eyes are yellow. He is an outdoor/indoor kittie. Please contact Ron at 305 222 8064 or email.

1/08 Lilly  Lilly, a tortoise shell cat taken from us at a rest area in Miami, Fl on Oct 29th 2007. We have been searching for two months. Please contact Cheryl S. via email.

11/07 Munchkin  Munchkin is a 4 years old, male, neutered, longhair, black-brownish and white, bushy tale. He has been missing for 3 weeks and is missed very much. He was lost in the area of  Madison street near Hollywood Beach, FL. He is very shy and has no collar. Please contact Vera 954 494-7841 or via email.

11/07 Candy  $$ REWARD OFFERED $$. Medium-size adult female, white with gray tabby spots on head and back, and large green/yellow eyes. She was last seen on Nov. 27 in Coral Gables near SW 57th Ave. and SW 40th St. She is wearing a white and silver collar with a gold tag (phone number is on it), and she is also microchipped. She is very skittish, but very friendly when she decides to approach you. Please e-mail, or call (786) 566-8135, or (305) 510-1943.

11/07 Jasmin  Jasmin has been missing since November 8 in the Kendall/Hammocks area. Jasmin is
an orange tabby but more beige looking. Mostly solid beige with rings on her tail. Green eyes with a yellow ring on the outside. Her most distinctive feature is that her left ear was snipped at the tip. Please contact Celeste with any info via email.

11/07 Lucy  Black/White domestic short hair kitten, about 10-11 months old. Lucy was lost in the area near SW 144 Terr. near Metro Zoo. Her distinguishing feature is her completely round eyes. They are beautiful! She does not make any sounds!! She can, but the only time we ever heard her was after she was spayed - May '07. After that she never talked again. When she is happy she does purr loudly. A reward is offered. Please contact Marie D. at (305) 812-8834. To see Lucy's flyer click here.

11/07 Sassy  2 year old Siamese cat disappeared in the area of Surfside on November 2nd and, despite fliers and door to door searches, there's been no sign of Sassy. Any information would be helpful, please call Carol G. at 305-238-6956.

10/07 Panda Bear  Large, 8 year old Black & White, long haired cat, very bushy silky black tail. Tuxedo front with black on nose. Chipped front canine and Large paws with white on paws. Panda Bear was lost in the area of Cutler Ridge near 208th street & 117 Avenue. If you say "Come on Panda" he will respond. If you have seen Panda Bear, please contact Susana R. via email.

9/07 Linus  Lost male cat - Linus was lost about two weeks ago in the area of NE Miami, by Biscayne Blvd and 57th St. Linus is a big white fluffy cat with some orange spots, yellow eyes, neutered and is extremely nice. If you have seen Linus, please contact Ileana via ph # 786-417-0998 or email.

10/07 Phiilie   Lost cat - Phiilie is an indoor house cat who is nearly 7 yrs old and weighs approx 8  or 9 Lbs. He is declawed and neutered. He was lost in the area between Sunset Dr.  and Miller Rd and 147th and 152 Avenues, SW Miami, Fl. Phiilie is considered an Orange and White Tabby, a domestic shorthair, that looks and acts like Garfield. He has a distinctive white neck, bib, and belly, with 4 white boots. Minor defect on end of tail from where he used to suck on it as a baby. Please contact the Barbosa Family, at 305-752-7055 or via email.

1/07 Stormy  Lost female long-haired tuxedo in January 2007 near corner of NE 46th St. and Miami Ave. Stormy is an indoor cat who escaped into attic on moving day and may have escaped outside. Not used to being outside, may be scared and run if approached, but will be friendly if calmed down indoors. Spayed. Mostly black, white on paws, chest and face but chin and nose leather black. Black toe pads. Yellow eyes. Reward offered. Please call 786 553-6293 or email.

1/07 Fortune  Lost male all White w/ 1 Blue eye & 1 Green eye wearing a red collar. He disappeared on 01/29/07 in the area of Banyan Tree on Hammocks Blvd around Hammocks Middle School or Felix Varela High school. If you have any information please call Krystle or Kennya at ph# 786-470-4464.

1/07 Witt  Witt is an adult male flame point Siamese with blue eyes, neutered, no microchip. He has been missing since about 8 January in the area of 2230 SW 129 AVE Miami FL 33175. Please contact Evan P. via email or ph# 305-338-0838.

2/07 Mafia  Lost declawed beautiful spotted tabby Falls Area. Mafia disappeared from her apartment in the Villages of the Falls on Tuesday, 1/30/07. Please contact owner at ph# 305-904-3922.

3/07 Mocha  Lost female Himalayan, Beige body with brown tips and blue eyes, spayed and de-clawed, 6 lbs. Lost on Palmetto Palm Ave in Miami Lakes. The closest main intersection would be Miami Lakes Drive and 67th Ave (Ludlum Road, also known as 12th Ave). Please contact Monique G. via email or cell phone 305-775-614, or 305-778-0215.

3/07 Nikko  Lost cat, on 2/23/07 in front of the West Miami Animal Clinic (74th Ave and 24th Street - Coral Way, 33155). He is a male and was not neutered, not microchipped and seems around the age of 1 or 2, young adult. He has a small scar across his nose. He responds to Nikko or Nikki (high-pitched), meows a lot, very perky, but, he's also a bit skittish. If found, he can be grabbed by the skin on the back of the neck and is fine with that. If found, please call Marilyn at 786-863-5645 or email.

3/07 Magoo  Lost cat, on approx. March 22, 2007 in the area of the Redlands. Magoo is a one year old male, black and white, with a black nose and a white tipped tail. Please contact via email or contact Elisabeth at 305-248-2748.

5/07 Scotch  Lost male short haired orange tabby, smaller, and very shy cat. When he meows, it sounds more like squeaking. Scotch went missing about a week ago in the area of SW 77th Ct. Miami, Fl. 33156 in the Dadeland Cove complex. Please contact Jessica via ph: 305.477.6967 ext. # 286 or c: 786-252-7052 or email.

7/07 Jerry  7/10/07, 3 yr old male Tabby, last seen in the area of Killian Dr. & 83 rd Ave. Jerry is a friendly cat and loves to be petted by anyone. If found please call 1-888-HOMEAGAIN and provide the HomeAgian chip ID# 453923786E.

7/07 Nini  Nini is a two year old multicolor female cat with a white chest. She has fluffy hair and a bushy tail, some Maine Coon features. She is extremely friendly and loves food. When we last saw her she was quite
chunky. She loves being petted. Nini was lost around the time of July 13th, 2007 and has been missing for about a week in the area of Deerwood/Carriage Park/Metro Zoo area in Miami, FL. If you have seen Nini, please contact Elisabeth T. via email.

8/07 Suki  Suki is a female, 15 months old Siamese mixed breed, sweet, missing from the Museum of Science / Vizcaya area. She has brown ears and tail, white socks, and overall tan fur. Please help us find our cat, family is heartbroken. Please contact Ana A. via email.

10/07 5yr old male cat  large black & white (neutered) cat lost at 117th and Hammocks Park near ball field, cat is very friendly and does not have all of his teeth.

5/01 6yr old 13-pound male cat   black & white (neutered) cat was last seen Saturday evening, May 5, at the Dadeland Cove townhouse complex off of S.W. 79th Avenue and  104th Street. Reward poster have placed around the complex area, but there have been no responses.
Info about this lost one can be e-mailed to MelodyeFL@AOL.com

9/01 Pair of Kittens  male (Tweeky) & female (Marilyn) siblings, missing from the Saga Bay (Cutler Ridge area). They are about five months old and do not look anything alike, the female is a long hair tabby with white feet and the male is a black shorthair.  (no photos)

12/01 Bubba  He is white & brown/tan, has no tail, declawed in front, high ears & green eyes. He has been missing since November 25 from the Waterways in Aventura and is missed very much. He scared of most people, but he is so gentle and sweet. A reward is offered.
Please contact Meredith Stein (305) 935-5123, (954) 963-7600 or cell (305) 934-0713.

7/02 Kitty  14 yr. old male golden tabby with black stripes and greenish-gold eyes, has allergies and his nose is runny, afraid of men and very timid, lost in Miami Lakes at the Courtyard Apartments on Cow Pen Road around mid-April, 2002. Please contact us at c.lozada@att.net

6/02 Lulu  4 yr old gray female, yellow and black eyes, has no tail, lost on 06/21/02 at the corner of 90th and North East 2nd Avenue, El Portal/Miami Shores Border, email contact

7/02 Gimpy  7 yr old black short haired male missing left rear leg. Lost 7/23 S.W. 147 St. & 79 Ave. Miami. If you have info please call (305) 666 - 4696

12/02 Male tabby  brown/black striped tabby in the area of SW 216th (Lakes by the Bay). He is neutered and has a green vet's tattoo in his left ear (somewhat faded). Please call Anita and Greg at (305) 797-2409.

12/02 Lost Cat  escaped from home on SW 82 Ct and SW 132 St. on Dec 27, 2002. Orange tabby with white chest and paws. Male, 8 months old. Wearing collar. Please call 305 541-6626.

2/03 Nightshade  disappeared Feb 2, 2003, 13 month old, small black short hair with a white patch on his lower tummy, neutered, and very affectionate. Lost in the area of 3630 SW 23rd Terr, Miami, FL 33145. (2 blocks from Miracle Mile). Please call (305) 529-5015 or email with info.

2/03 Missy  spayed female,10 lbs, 5 - 6 yrs old declawed, primarily gray with white underside, white chin and nose. Last seen Saturday, February 15th in the area of SW 134 ct and 46 St, Miami. Please email any info.

2/03 Tiger  7-yr old male, neutered, short hair gray tiger tabby w/ white paws and chest gold eyes, no collars or tags. They are missing since Monday from Pembroke Pines area near University Dr. and Taft St. Please contact Tonia tblong@bellsouth.net 

2/03 Lestat  1-yr old male, neutered, medium hair fluffy grey tiger tabby w/ green eyes -- extremely friendly, no collars or tags. They are missing since Monday from Pembroke Pines area near University Dr. and Taft St. Please contact Tonia tblong@bellsouth.net

2/03 Houdini  lost our gray cat, he's a Russian Blue with green eyes in the area of Zamora Ave in Coral Gables. Please contact P. Menedez at (305) 448-9069.

6/03 Enzo  13 year old Siamese Snowshoe near NE 16th Avenue and 143 Street. Please phone Jeff C. with info, number is 305/978-5332 or 305/944-8484 home. He is offering a $250 reward.

10/07 Precious  All black spayed female, 9 years old, lost in IVanhoe/SW Ranches section of Broward county, 12/07/02. She was half feral, therefore very skittish of people. She has a beautiful mink/black coat. She is also missing all four fang teeth. Please call Irene Shaffer if you have been feeding a stray black cat that might meet this description 954-252-5004. A $100 reward is offered.

6/03 Oreo  she is black with white chest long hair, she is female and spayed she is 6 years old, green eyes and wonderful help !!!! She was lost on 06-17-03 around 12.00am in the area of 118 Ave S.W. 35 street. We have placed flyers everywhere and also placed an ad in the Miami Herald twice we are desperate. Please contact us at 305-264-1717.

6/03 Aurelius  LOST SIAMESE, large male with blue eyes. Lost on Aug. 22 at the Hammocks in Kendall. Around 25-30lbs w/ muscular build. Rather large in statue for a Siamese (around 22'' long not including tail and about 10'' in height). Very bold but friendly w/ people. Neutered. Talkative. High energy.  Please call (305) 386-0346 or email, a reward is available.

12/03 Rosie  5 years old short haired cat, orange in color with a white tip on her tail, she is spayed, and is very calm. She lives near 142nd Avenue and 76 Street in Kendale Lakes. Her owner's name is Barbara Symons. Their phone number is 305-385-3152 and her email.

1/04 Kato  Kato is a black and white Tuxedo cat, approximately 7 years old. Kato is short-haired and declawed. He has been missing from the Northeast Dade area (California Club Mall) since Tuesday, January 13, 2004. Kato had no collar on at the time he went missing. He is very curious about people. If found, please call Gerald at 305-978-1340 or e-mail.

2/04 Honey  Lost cat at the super 8 motel and Interstate 95 at Dillon, S.C. She is female, very friendly, loves attention and at the beginning of January. She has 4 colors: (striped-balck, white, gray, and orange/gold), with white paws, is/was wearing an easily detachable pink collar and has an orange/gold mark on forehead and around nose. Please reply. She may have gotten in a car.

3/04 Rusty  Lost on Feb. 21, 2004 male 7-10 yrs. old. about 7 lbs., neutered, orange cat in the North Gables area. VERY FRIENDLY. Missing left front canine - surgically extracted 2 wks. ago. Needs his anti-biotics and his family! call Ellen (305) 567-1307.

3/04 Chum  Lost 3 week ago 2004, tiger looking (yellow & white) with a spot on back. Lost in the Pinecrest area, if found please call 305-979-6465 reward offered.

5/04 Lost Cat  Lost chocolate brown oriental cat last Friday night in the area of 2840 Prairie Avenue Miami Beach. Please contact the Rowena Patton at 305-532-1661 or email.

7/04 Molly  calico spayed, 3 years old, 13-15 lbs. Lost in the Coral Gables area – 426. If you have any info please contact Maria. ph# (305) 308-4183, email.

7/04 Misha  female, spayed, has claws, grayish brownish, no stripes with blue eyes. She is diabetic, about 6 yrs old. Lost in end of June, 2004. She had no collar. She was lost in International Park on 122 Ave between 8 St and Coral Way. Phone contact is 305-229-9431.
Thank you.....we are heartbroken

8/04 Boo  male neutered Maine Coon, lost June 24 in the Miami beach area of 74th and Collins. Boo is about 1 yr old, photo of Boo taken at 6 months old. His front paws are declawed and he has a kink at the end of his tail. His brother and family miss him and a reward is offered.
Please call Susan at (786) 556-4001.

8/04 Lost Cat  domestic black cat - 6 mo. old  Missing since 8/26 from the area of 9740 SW 164 Avenue, Forest Lakes. Please contact owner: Maggie Rodriguez via  email

9/04 Crappy  Lost 2 yrs. old very friendly white/beige w/ blue eyes (looks Siamese). Ran out of the house in the area of 13360 SW 25 Street, Miami. Please contact Patricia Pino with any info, ph# 305-227-0782, or email.

10/04 Star  Lost medium-large male cat (neutered), micro-chipped, approx. 2 ½ years old (8-9 lbs), slender, very long body, tall, long legs with large paws. Last seen at 158th Street and 99th Avenue (Perrine/Cutler Ridge area) on Monday, 10/11/04. Please call Dee at (305) 632-7225 or (305) 255-2069.

11/04 Lost Cat  Lost November 10 in Miami Shores, male adult tabby, medium build, pink nose, green eyes, timid, and afraid of people, indoor only cat but but workers left door open. Please call Maria with any info at (305) 754-8803.

11/04 Willy  Lost in the area of 9601 SW 142 Ave apt #1202 on 10/17/04. Willy is a gray tabby with black stripes and yellow eyes, he also had on a blue collar and is very friendly. He has a little dark spot on his right eye. His family is very sad and they waiting for him because they are
moving out of the country. Please contact his family at with any info at (305) 386-4525
Or (954) 709-9303, a reward is offered.

12/04 Baxter  2 years old, Gray w/green eyes (white triangle on his chest tuxedo). Lost in the area of 1860 NE 157 Terrace, North Miami Beach, on Saturday, Dec 11 @ 4 AM (got out a broken window of the house I had just moved into). Very shy. If you have seen Baxter, please contact Dr. Mary-Angie Salvá-Ramírez, ph: 305-807-8855, email.

12/04 Mikey  1 yr old, mid-sized, orange (darker buff, lighter orange) with white patches on him (one ~2" in diameter on his chest, and one a bit bigger between his hind legs), neutered & UTD on his shots. Disappeared from his home in Margate last Sat evening/Sun morning (12/4 or 12/5). He had just lost his collar a few days before disappearing, so he has no ID. He is EXTREMELY friendly & lovable, and ok with both dogs & other cats. Please email Chrissy with any info.

12/04 Mickey  6 yr old, blue-point Siamese, off-white with dark beige to taupe-gray markings and bright blue eyes, neutered, missing since 12/28/04. Mickey is a house/patio cat, but slipped
out sometime Tuesday (12/28) afternoon and came to find that a neighbor trapped him and let him loose at Deering Estate near Old cutler road and 168 St (2.5 miles ESE from home). Spent the week searching -- family is desperate to find him. Please call 305.968.2570 or email with any info.

12/04 Stumpy  lost on Dec. 14, 2004 from the Welleby area of Sunrise, FL., she is a small cat with no tail and very shy. Please contact Cali via email, or (h) 954-748-7573, (c) 954-205-9409.

2/05 Mickey  lost 3 yr old solid black, neutered male, declawed cat with yellow eyes wearing multicolored collar with pink heart tag and bell. Lost in the private home area (across the street from country walk) SW 142 Ave and SW 155 St. It is suspected that next door neighbor might have dumped the cat elsewhere and removed the collar/tag. Please contact Vicky with info via ph# (305) 254-8860, cell# (305) 720-8937.

2/05 Rossini  Missing an orange colored tabby cat with white spot on nose and no front claws. He escaped from building #2, Unit 223 at the Horizons East Condominium. If found please contact James or Carmen Irons @ 305-596-1311. $300 reward for finding and returning Rossini.

4/05 Gati  Missing since Saturday 3/26/05, female, white & fluffy, huge fluffy Tail, one blue Eye, one green eye, and deaf. Please help get her back home. She is desperately missed and was last seen in the area of 6020 SW 45th street, Miami, Fl 33155. Please call Jacqueline at 786.797.4484.

4/05 Esmeralda  Esmeralda -- small black cat, female. She had a pink collar w/name & phone number, but she may have pulled it off. Lost in the area of North Green Way (north Coral Gables) by Granada Golf Course. If you have info please call Diane ph # 305-519-4224.

6/05 Sebassasha  Female cat, gray tabby, 5 years old. Missing since May 11 on South Beach between 6 and 7th Street and Collins. Call Olivia at 305 321 4475 or email.

7/05 Harry  tabby/mainecoon male Harry, neutered, has a fluffy tail and black-back legs, weighs 9lbs with hazel eyes, no chip or tags, de-clawed and very timid cat. Harry got out from a friend's house on July 1st, in the area is from 11812 SW 81 Road (by Wild Oats) to the intersection of SW 113th and 64th Ave. Owner is willing to pay $500 reward as this is a therapy cat for her daughter. Please contact Elisa D. via email or ph: 305-562-5232 or 305-281-0164 or 305-898-7963.

8/05 Johnny  Lost Sunday 8/11 in the Kendall area. Johnny is a male -Declawed - Spayed, with yellow eyes and 4 white paws. Johnny is overweight & friendly, with a  long tail w/black stripes, white chest & cheeks. He had a tumor removed 1 1/2 months ago (between his legs) - hair is missing in this area. Please call Nancy - 305-380-1165 or email.

6/05 Bianca & Scrabbles  LOST PAIR OF CATS, Lost in the area of Chestnut Woods, Sunset and 117 St. They are 4 Year old Brother and Sister. Gray taby's white chest and paws. Male is larger in size than the female. Female has green eyes and male has hazel eyes. They are both very lovable. Any info please call Jenny C. 305-720-8886 or via email.

9/05 Djembe ("jem-bay")  Dark tabby male with extra thumbs on his white front paws. Lost in Coral Gables 9/21/05, S. Alhambra Circle by the U of M. Please email at Alice or call 786-271-2246. Reward offered. He was wearing a quick- release safety collar, so it might be gone, otherwise it was dark purple. He is neutered. Doesn't have a microchip.

11/05 Tiger  Tiger went missing this past Saturday the 19th of November, in the area of SW 95th Lane, Miami, FL. Tiger is a black/brown tiger tabby with Green eyes. When he left the house he had a green collar with a bell. The paw pad on one of his rear toes is pink. He's up to date with his vaccinations and has been neutered. If you have seen Tiger, please contact Ray Y. at ph# 305-218-0059.

12/05 Dusty  male lost in the area of 152nd and 144th on US1. Dusty is a long-haired black and white, a big boy with a white face, black on the top of his head. He was traveling in a car and jumped out the window. Please contact Catherine N. at ph#  305.253.1935

11/06 Simba  male orange tabby about two years old. Lost in the area of the waterways, a complex in Aventura, Florida. Unfortunately, he was not wearing a collar when he got out, but he is neutered and has all of his shots. He comes to the words "fancy feast" because that is his favorite treat. Please call Sabrina B. at 305-781-2778 or via email with any info.

9/05 Lost Cat  REWARD FOR RETURN. Missing on September 24, 2005. Large (14 lbs) male orange long hair with very bushy tail, fur on the bottom of his paws and tattoo on his stomach - Number 117598. Very affectionate boy sadly missed by his family. Lost in Snapper Village/Sunset Drive in Kendall. Call 305 932 3436 or email.

1/06 Dusty  lost in the area of Kendall Dr. & SW 112 Ave. from Pine Grove Condo since last Thursday, January 26. Dusty is an un-neutered young adult orange domestic shorthair, long and lean, with beautiful cinnamon, although squinty, eyes. He was a stray we took in and now is an important part of our family. He may have sensed upcoming vet visit re: neutering. Sweet and gentle but extremely shy and cautious. Please help us find him as his brother is as frantic as we are. Please call Nancy at 305-271-4861 or 305-968-7898. Thank you very much. We love him.

2/06 Sweetie  female calico missing since Feb 25, 2006 in the Kendall area. She is friendly and sweet. If you have any info please call Justine at cell # is 786-269-8986.

2/06 Louie  3 yr old 11-pound male cat gray & white (neutered) cat (named LOUIE) was last seen on Sunday morning, February19, at Doral Isles Mediterranean at 11358 NW 68 street. Reward poster of $1000 have been placed around the complex area, we had a lot of responses but we did not found our car yet. Info about LOUIE can be e-mailed or if you know where Louie is, call Pascale at 786-251-6373.

3/06 Tony  lost male cat has been missing since March 2, in the area of 90 St. and Collins avenue in Surfside, Fl. If have any info on the whereabouts of Tony, please contact Macarena via phone 786-234-5068 or email.

3/06 Mr. White  lost male cat neutered, all-white cat in Miramar, Broward County. He is very sweet, friendly, and calm. Please contact Xiomara, if found REWARD offered, TEL 954 593-3330 or via email.

4/06 Ashley  lost female cat was lost in the area of Miami (Kendall) 147 & 47 area and was last seen on Tuesday April, 18. Ashley is a short hair Russian Blue with a little white patch of hair on her stomach and was wearing a pink collar with bells. Please contact me, Jorge F. with any information.

5/06 Ferro  B/W male Tuxedo near 92 Ave and SW 43 St. Very friendly! He is an outdoor cat. He was last seen near 43 St. and 92 Ave on April 5. Face and back are all black, with white boots and chest. His name is Ferro, but also responds to "Chi Chi". Ferro is a rescued atray and is approx. 5 years old. Please contact his family with info at email or ph. # 786-208-2865 or 305-480-2865. We miss him very much!

5/06 Lost Cats  2 adult female cats, mother and daughter, (>7 yrs old) were "disappeared" from our yard around April 10. One is long-haired orange and white with splotches of brown and pale green eyes. The 2nd is a shorter-haired calico, mostly orange and gold. Any info deeply appreciated. Thanks. 305.237.8067 or e-mail.

5/06 Lost Cat  Black long haired male in Surfside/Bay Harbor vicinity on 5/20/06. He is beautiful w/ grass green eyes and a long fluffy/bushy tail. All black and only a teeny bit of washed out sort of fur under his arms. If you have seen him, please please call me: 305-778-9286. Or email.

6/06 Lost Kitten  8 weeks old kitten, small black/gray & white kitten lost at on June 16th around 74th Ave around 8 St., kitten is very friendly and hyper. Please contact via email with any information.

8/06 Fluffy  Lost 7 year old orange/white neutered male cat who is friendly, purrs and meows/speaks a lot. He did not have a chip or collar. Fluffy has been missing for about 2 weeks, from the Kendall SW 88 St/SW 114 place area of Miami. Please contact Andrea S. via email or ph at 305-299-0293 with any information.

8/06 O'Malley  Lost neutered male Yellow/Orange Tabby Missing 8/11 from Garden Hills subdivision in the Hammocks area. O'Malley has an Avid ID Chip. Please call Carol R. at 305-387-2144 or 786-348-3023 or via email with any info.

8/06 Mistoffolees  female black/brown tabby (spayed), 5 years old, green eyes, big ears, escaped from our home at SW 161 Place and SW 148th Terrace (Corsica Estates) on 8/21/06 in the evening. She was wearing a black collar with purple ID tag, but it was a breakaway collar, so she may have lost it. Please call with any information - a reward is offered to the person who finds our baby girl! Please call Tracy M. (305) 498-9369 or (786) 897-9393 or (786) 293-8014 or via email.

10/06 Sammy   disappeared 10/4/06 in the Country Club of Miami (North of Miami Lakes and close to Palm Springs North). Male (3 - 4 yrs), Chipped (AVID 065 538 892), Neutered, White/Tabby with pink nose and white tip to tail. Please contact Andrew D. via email with any information.

11/06 Lost Cat   MISSING CAT-ALL WHITE MALE (long hair & yellow eyes) Coral Gables Riviera Country Club Golf Course Area on Nov.19 Reward $200. Please call Anita (305) 665-1877 or (305) 934-3639.


4/12 Kenny  LOST 2r old male Mini Schnouzer, silver/gray with whiter under tone/plateado. He was lost in the area of 24th/25th St in Marathon, Fl 33050 on March 16, 2012. Reward offered. For more info please look at this flier and his facebook page. Please contact Adriana if you have seen him.

6/07 Scruffy  He is well groomed, brown and white small terrier – medium size and he plays and gets along with every one and every dog. He ran away from my mother’s house which is right across Robert Morgan Technical School 18180 SW 122 Ave on May 26. If you see him, please take him and call me at Georgina 305-632-0603, I will come and get him were ever his at. REWARD offered!

12/05 Alice  Alice, the missing greyhound from Boca Raton. Alice is a shy dog and has been missing since December 7th. Please contact Alice's family if you have any info at ph# 561-716-8854.

Lost Doberman  70 lb. male red Dobie-dog – 3 ½ years old, ears cropped – one ear up and one down, not micro-chipped. Got out of the yard on 3/18/06 in Miami (24 Avenue & NW 26 Street – Zip: 33142). No tags but collar has name DUQUE on it. R-E-W-A-R-D! CONTACT: Adrianne at 305-303-4290 or email.

8/04 Lost Dog  a 2 yrs. old Shiba Inu white w/reddish brownish accents on top & ears. Lost in the neighborhood: 1422 Normandie Drive, Miami Beach on Aug 28, 2004. Please contact owner via email

7/03 Julie  LOST female Shitzu around the area of SW 21th Avenue and 12th St. She has mange on her throat so she was not wearing a collar. She is mainly white with some very faint brown/gray on her ears, a few brown markings, very pale, almost blonde, very very friendly. If someone spots her please contact Maribel at 786-393-0025 evenings or 305-375-1026 days or email


Found Ones

5/12 Found Cat  Found cat in the Hammocks area of Miami, Fl near 157th Ave. If this cat sounds like it might belong to you, please contact Sandra V. via email.

4/12 Found Male Cat  Found - Brown tabby kitten, green eyes, neutered male, around six months old. He was just off of Griffin Rd. in Davie, FL. Kitten is clearly an indoor cat. Not sure if he was dumped or a runaway. If he sounds like yours, please e-mail me.

3/12 Found Male Cat  This is a male cat that showed up in February at my door step and he is still around. An obvious indoor cat, he has a blue collar with a red bell. He is super sweet and friendly, appears to be scared of the street terribly!! He is gray and white, nice weight, greenish eyes, beautiful. I live in the Kendale Lakes-Lindgren Acres area of SW 124 court and 10th street. Please contact me at 786-210-9095.

11/11 Found Male Black Cat  Found Kitten about 4 months old wearing a pink collar, very playful and sweet. He almost got run over by a car last night. He is super cute & very affectionate, but unfortunately we can not keep him since we have a Felv positive cat in our house. Please call 305-773-703. Flyer with more info. 

10/11 Found Female Cat  Found cat in Snapper Creek, cutie and super friendly female kitty appeared yesterday at my neighbors' door inside Snapper Creek complex in the area of 112th CT and 67 St. She is wearing a flea collar and is used to children as my toddler petted her. This is their name and phone number in case the owner sees the photos and recognizes her. She is finicky eater because she did not take the cat food offered. Please contact Joe or Mireya at 305-273-1972 if this might be your cat.

9/11 Found Female Gray Cat  Found long hair grey cat on Michigan ave., looking for her home.... or a new home, please call 305-608-6258.

9/11 Found Black Cat  The cat is black with white paws. It looks like it is probably around a year old. Found at 1251 Bird Rd. I attached a picture. It is too energetic to get a picture of its face though. Please contact Lindsay G. S via email.

5/11 Found Black Cat  Since April 3rd a short-haired black cat has been coming to our yard. I believe it to be lost or abandoned. The cat is wearing what looks to be a brown or olive green collar that is in bad shape. None of the neighbors knows where it came from. It is very shy and won't let us get close. Its back legs are missing quite a bit of fur. I live in Coral Gables a few blocks south of the intersection of Bird Road (SW 40th Street) and Red Road (SW 57th Avenue). I can be reached at 305-666-6003.

4/11 Found Cat  Unneutered male orange tabby by the Bent Tree park, that seemed disoriented, but very friendly. Please contact Isabel V. via email if this sounds like your cat.

12/10 Found Cat  White, looks Persian, bright yellow eyes, has claws, in Charlestown neighborhood near SW 104th St. and SW 137 Ave. Please contact Courtney J. via email if this may be you cat.

12/10 Found Cat  Persian cat around SW 87th Ave and 120th St, please call me 786-380-1196, if this may be your cat.

12/10 Found Cat  Found a very young healthy and well looking kitten in my garage in the Coral Gables area. So, I believe it is likely lost and not a stray. Please contact Al B. via email if this may be your cat.

5/10 Found Cat  Found around SW 132 St. (Falls area). White male with markings, neutered, very friendly. Call 305-868-7628 to identify.

8/09 Found Cat  Caramel colored female. Beautiful, sweet, healthy cat found in South Grove on August 19th; obviously from a loving home. Please call Denise E. 305-586-3006 for a more detailed description.

6/09 Found Cat  A male, mostly black with white on his belly and paws and neck. He is approximately 1-2 years old, and I think neutered. This cat was found on 105Ave and SW 8th Street in April. Please contact: 305-221-5576 or via email.

5/09 Found Cat  Grey & White female cat – really kind, definitely seems like an indoor cat. Found in the area of 100 Avenue & 12 Street (FIU South / Coral Park Senior Area). She is the “queen” of the house and seems to be the only one or one of two well taken care of cats. Please contact Raquel P. #305-951-4866 or via email.

2/09 Male small to medium size, (or just young) Black and White Tuxedo. He had a white collar with rhinestones, but no tags. (It was tight, so we removed it). This cat is friendly, very vocal, appears to be lost, and has been living in my yard in Kendall area since 2/10/09. Contact Becky via ph at 305-439-8370 or email.

5/02 Male Siamese  cat chocolate point with cross-eyed light blue eyes, neutered, 3-5 years old. Super friendly and affectionate. Found in area of Kendall Drive and SW 97 Ave.  Contact Irene at 305-794-9162 or email at IKatsamani@aol.com

9/07 FOUND Dog  male dog found in the parking lot of Bravo Animal Health Center 10901 SW 186 Street. He is approx. 30 lbs. neutered, tested negative for heartworm, ehrlichia and lyme disease. has been vaccinated and de-wormed, very sweet and docile. Please contact via Cindy H. email.

5/02 FOUND  at 13772 SW 156th Street (near Country Walk), large neutered MALE CAT 15-18lbs, BLACK, short hair, de-clawed in front, very clean and friendly.

8/02 FOUND  Near the Winn Dixie at SW 8 St & 122 Ave on Aug 21, 2002, orange tabby female cat, approx 1 yr old, healthy, friendly. Please contact Mario at saaval@bellsouth.net

FOUND  White & gray female cat, it could have been lost in Hialeah or the area of Silver Bluff, was found inside a hood of a car. Please call me 305-269-9317.

4/04 FOUND  4/29/04, if you are looking for a declawed Siamese cat in the Miami Lakes area, please contact via email.

1/05 FOUND  gray tabby on 1/14/05 in Pembroke Lakes area of Pembroke Pines. Not sure if neutered male or female, short hair, no collar, gold eyes, white belly, very friendly. Please contact Angie P. via email or call cell 305-773-6915.

1/05 Found  on Jan 09, young female cat, black and white long hair, very friendly, with gold eyes. Found in Coconut Grove in the area of Tigertail and 27th Ave. Please contact Marika by phone 305-858-3028 or  via email.

3/05 FOUND  3/31/05 North Palm Beach Florida: Black and White 'Tuxedo" Cat. Female, de-clawed in front, RECENT VET WORK done. This extremely affectionate kitty has a recently shaved neck where a vet/clinic drew blood for testing. We are checking local vets, hospitals, leaving our name and contact info with each. Cat found with no tag or collar, checking for chip on Saturday. She seems afraid of other cats, but not people. This 'Tuxedo" cat also has white toes
on all four feet, just front part of feet... not entire foot or leg. If you think this is your kitty... please contact Kim or Mark at 561-626-9782 and leave message or via email. We are concerned that she might need medication or further medical care. God bless.

4/05 FOUND  An adorable little Lhasa Apso or Shih Tzu running down Franjo Road at 1am. He's dark colored with his hair clipped short, not very old. He's very sweet, doesn't seem to have a mean bone in his body. If this sounds like your dog, please contact Marjorie M. via email.

8/05 Found Cat  Pure white female cat with gold eyes in Parkland (between Coral Springs and Boca Raton), in the area of Hillsboro and 441 (SR 7). The cat is not de-clawed (I had to cut her nails... she is sooo sweet) avg. adult size. Please contact Sue, email or ph: # 954-796-5005.

10/05 2 Found Cats  Two female cats; a tabby female and orange/white female. Young and affectionate with one another. Snapper Village/Sunset Drive Area. Please contact Linda T. via email or phone (305) 598-9599.

11/05 Found Cat  male, gray Persian, in the area of Weston, Broward County Florida, 33326. If this sounds like your cat, I can be contacted at  954-254-0721.

3/06 Found Dog  female Dalmatian, approximately 1 year old, no identification, near the canal at 99th Avenue south of Sunset. If anyone thinks this dog may belong to them, please call home phone 305-279-8966, or cell phone after 3 pm. 786-314-4739.

5/06 Found Cat  Adult cat. Calico, de-clawed, very friendly. Found mid-May in the area of SW 8th Street and SW 152nd Ave. Please email or call (305) 223-2095 for more info.

6/06 Found Cat  female tiger striped declawed. Beautiful female declawed cat found. Very friendly, very healthy & fit. No ID CHIP, No TAGS. Found in the vicinity of Coral Bay/ Sample/ 441/ Rock Island area. Dark tabby/tiger stripes, green eyes. PLEASE contact via ph 954-234-1013, or email,  if this is your cat or if you can give it a great home. Must find home quickly as I am not allowed to have pets at my location. Save her Please!

6/06 Found Cat  A stray kitten last Tues., June 27 in Lauderhill on Commercial Blvd. He is a gray tabby with white tummy and paws. He is about 7 weeks old. Please call (954) 572-5070 or via email.

7/06 Found Cat  A male tabby with black & light brown/greenish strips. He is about two years old with a white collar with a bell. He was found at 3200 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, north parking lot and first seen on or about 6/30/06 and was trapped on 7/9/06.

8/06 Found Kitten We found a kitten at our doorstep in the vicinity of 66th St. and 159th PL in Miami, Florida - approximately 8 weeks old, female, gray and white stripes with a tinge of orange around the whiskers, white paws. Unfortunately, we already have a menagerie of pets and cannot keep her. Please email if you know where she belongs.

10/06 Found Cat  A young cat (few months old) found on October 25 around The Falls shopping area. Color red (mixed with a little bit of white). Please call 305 860 5420 or 786 208 7706.

10/06 Found Ferret  10/27/06, SW 104 Street east of US1. Please call 786-374-5667.

10/06 Found Dog  10/18/06, in Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida Female Boxer. She was pulled from Biscayne Bay. Not sure whether she fell off a boat or a seawall, but we are of the belief she is too well mannered and too well taken care of to be a stray. The police have been circulating “Found” emails to other precincts looking for an owner, but so far, no-one has surfaced - She is sweet, appears healthy. Please contact  Grateful Paws Rescue at 954-462-8840 eves after 7pm, or via email. Owner must identify.

11/06 Found Cat  Found Sunday 11/12/06 around 11 pm 5400 block of Pierce St. in Hollywood, very friendly, female (pretty sure), brown tiger-stripe, green-to-yellow eyes, weight about 12 lbs., not de-clawed, no collar, tags or ID but in very good shape. Phone J.P. 1-954-478-7967.

6/07 Found Cat  Found female cat in the area of Miramar Florida, near Miramar and I-75 and the Nautica Subdivision, Regalo Subdivision, and Everglades high school as well as Miramar and Dykes intersection. She is black and white, half mustache on left side of her face and soul patch under her chin and yellow eyes, unspayed. Please contact Jennifer K.

11/07 Found Dogs  two dogs were found on 11/05 in Kendall area. They were together and seem to be buddies. One is a shih tzu and the second is a large dark golden color mix. Please contact Sara W. via email.


This is a section that is related to requests for assistance in finding lost pets from outside the South Florida area.

4/09 Samo  Samo ran away from the Bellechase area in Ocala on March 19th. He is a Russian Blue non-neutered cat, 3 years old, with a solid gray coat and dark green eyes. He is an indoor pedigree male and has not been out in the wild alone before. His micro chip number is: 985120027863778. Please call: Martin K. (904) 347-9335 or Meri G. (352) 812- 2754 or E-mail.  Reward offered. Check out his flyer.

8/05 Grayson  Lost Cat, Tuscaloosa, Alabama about a month ago 8/3/05. Short hair domestic tabby, Gray with Black stripes, White underbelly, White paws, Neutered. Meows a lot. Answers to Grayson. He wondered off from North Hampton neighborhood, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I'm lost without my cat and I'll never stop searching. Please contact me anytime, Ann 404-543-0002 or via email. My prayers are with all the lost cats.

1/07 Found Cat  Found 1/12/2007 Large, orange, long hair domestic that has been neutered. Has not been de-clawed. Very sweet and lovable. Found in Gulf Shores, AL mid-December. Please contact via email.

9/04 Zorro Oreo  Lost black & white manx male neutered cat during hurricane Frances at Maderia Beach, Fl. in West Palm Beach. He has a micro chip, he is black on the top and white on the stomach, he has a black mask on white face and a stub for a tail. If you have any info please call 561-863-4772 or email.

12/01 Geri  very sweet and vocal, her face is split color, half orange, half black. Lost mid-October '01 in the east Boca Raton, FL area by Camino Real. If found please contact via email.

6/01 Three lost dogs  in the Orlando area at the Dr. Phillips area and have been lost since June11 after being let out in the evening.

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